PT. Mega Sumber Logam

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PT. Mega Sumber Logam
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PT. Mega Sumber Logam
PT. Mega Sumber Logam was established since 2011 in Tangerang - Indonesia, and has received a large order because we managed to build a very good reputation with our customers. We are very experienced in producing cast iron / steel components for machining needs from various industries.
Because of that success, in 2013 we expanded our production capacity, renewed machine technology and expanded our workforce capability, in the hope of improving our customer satisfaction on quality and service of PT.Mega Sumber Logam. With the help of experts in the field of metal casting and also the latest engine technology, we are very confident to satisfy the needs and expectations of customers.
We are committed to reducing the negative impact on the environment and also participate in building local communities.

We continue to maintain our reputation as a company that produces the best products at competitive prices. In line with the company's vision, we continue to improve the quality and production capability.

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